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Just Like The Real Thing

These delicious treats look so much like the human version, you will... 


    Your dog deserves the good stuff and nothing less! Which is why our treats are crafted only from real, wholesome ingredients. Made with recognizable, premium ingredients sure to please your pup’s taste buds.

    A preview of our dog-safe, healthy ingredients can be found here.

  • Meet Barkley: Chief Taster & Co-Founder

    Barkley, our toy Goldendoodle, is the chief taste-tester in our house and also the face of the company. He brings so much joy to our family and is always up to something naughty and hilarious! He's simply 20lbs of awesome and my best little Velcro buddy!

    After becoming a first time dog owner to this little guy in 2021, I started to look into dog treats and their ingredients. Realizing it was simple and much healthier to make treats for my boy, I gave it a whirl. Barkley LOVED the treats and I felt confident about what we were giving him! With Barkley as my biggest fan (literally sitting by the oven while treats baked), I decided to take the leap into making them for other dogs as well. I hope that by making these treats using recognizable, wholesome ingredients, we bring joy to your dog while helping you feel good about what you're feeding them. After all, our dogs are a part of our family, so why not feed them as such?