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Barkley's Biscuit Company

Peanut Butter Biscuits

Peanut Butter Biscuits

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Our classic and most popular flavor, sure to make your furry friend go nuts!

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, dry roasted peanuts, egg, honey

Lab certified dietary analysis included on packaging.

Storage Instructions

For best results refrigerate treats up to 6-8 weeks or freeze up to 3 months. You may also keep sealed in the original packaging or an airtight container for 4-6 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ashley H.
Bandit loves Bloopers

Bandit doesn't care about the size, shape, or flavor... he scarfs them down every time!

Happy dog!

Love, love, love!

Deanna D.

My senior dog LOVES these treats! There is a nice variety to choose from, and all are made with healthy ingredients.

Gemma S.

I'm not going to lie. My dog (Louis, beagle) and my daughter's dog (Winnie, beagle/foxhound) will eat anything. No flavor preferences. But when they received their first taste of Barkley's biscuits, their level of enthusiasm and appreciation went up a thousand-fold. Drooling on the floor, vigorous tail-wagging, tippy-tappy dancing, Winnie's moans and groans, and though no video evidence here, Louis' woofing which caused his ears to flip inside-out, like stuck turn signals, both at the same time. The shipment arrived so securely and attractively packaged. The Easter treats are elegant gems & works of art in themselves. It almost seemed sacrilegious to feed them to dogs, worthy as they are. I continue to share the website link to every new dog-owning person I meet be prepared for an avalanche of new orders.

Stephanie S.
Best dog treats!

OMG! My dogs freaking love Barkley's Biscuits! Normally my girls generally only like treats with meat, and they have been known to turn their noses up to lots of different kinds of treats. They've kind of become bullies for Barkley's though, constantly barking at me for more. Olive, who is an 11 year old Wheaton mix gives me nudges to let me know she needs more of the peanut butter bones. Caper, our little mixed breed sweetie goes bonkers for the apple and oat easter egg treats we ordered this month. We can't wait to try to woofles! Thanks for making treats that are good for my dogs and that they'll actually eat!